Thursday 10th of March


Wounds usually leave a scar that may take more or less time to heal or require extra care.

Look inside yourself, contemplate those wounds that have already healed or those that are yet to heal. For some, you will need time; for others, perhaps, talk to someone you trust, dedicate time to yourself… you are not alone, there are people who care about you and want to listen to you. That’s God’s way of embracing your scars.


This month our prayers wrap all the way around the globe—

All of us affected, all of us connected—

Held together like the beads of the rosary,

Drawn in by the embrace of Our Mother whose help we seek.

From Brazil to Japan, from India to Algeria,

We join our hands and join our hearts.

Who better to understand our sorrow and loss

Than the Mother whose heart was pierced by grief?

Who better to cradle our faltering hope

Than the Mother who held her crucified Son in her arms?

Our Lady who appears to us in so many places,

Always in native garb and with native tongue,

Will you wrap us once more in your mantle

And speak to us anew your words of comfort?

May we entrust all our tears to you

And be consoled once more by your tender touch,

Most Loving, Most Gentle, Most Merciful Mother of us all.


By Cameron Bellm

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