Not one less – Advent 2nd dec

First pray for woman who are mistreated, raped, mutilated or dead due to gender violence. 

Afterwards think about how you can become sensitized to these others so that they can be respected as women and girls.

There are many Marys around us. 

Prayer Against the Sin of Racism

Lord, racism is a social sin that has taken root in the garden of our hearts. We need you to convert us Lord, and purify our hearts, so that we can become agents of care, who walk by faith in justice, hope, love, healing and reconciliation for your greater glory.  

It’s time to embrace our Black brothers and sisters, instead of standing by while they are continually killed by a tree we need to uproot.

Racism is sinful and harmful to your creation. Guard our hearts against it, and move us forward to enact change. 


(By Patrick Saint-Jean SJ

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