World migrant day. – Advent 18 dec

Like Mary, Joseph and Jesus, many men and women today find themselves needing to leave their homes and countries with the dream of a better life.  Many of these migrants are your neighbors, classmates or workmates…

Spend some time to contemplate their lives and listen to their stories. Share with them your hopes and your dreams.

A Prayer for World Day of Migrants and Refugees

When Abraham welcomed the angels,

They, too, were on a journey,

And he begged them not to pass him by.

How is that we miss the holy image of God

In our sisters and brothers,

Traveling perilous distances

In the baking sun, the drenching rain?

How is it that we do not run from our tents

To welcome and deeply embrace

All who flee from violence and poverty,

Seeking the ever-distant horizon of hope?

May we, like Abraham,

Run to gather the very best

Of what we have to offer

And lay it out lovingly

On the holy table of hospitality.


By Cameron Bellms

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