CLC-E Extraordinary Assembly

Last weekend our community listened to the Spirit in the extraordinary assembly. Nearly 80 people participated and 51 people were delegates, with spiritual conversation as a method for advancing community discernment and deliberation. An intense and grateful experience to which:

  • We came from the search for a call wanting to let the Spirit speak.
  • We arrived without knowing where to go, where the Spirit is leading us, “wisely ignorant”.
  • We arrived because the assembly spoke at Pamplona 2019:

  • We arrived with an intense community life in which we moved forward to serve more, serve better and move towards a united community and an articulated mission.
  • We arrived assuming our weaknesses, limits, difficulties.
  • We arrived remembering that always, when we come together, we ask ourselves again where we come from and what for, looking for a call and our answer today and in the future.

The Framework Document for Shared Mission (DMMC) was approved by acclamation of the assembly and, among the alternatives proposed for a new way of organizing the apostolic community and institutional dimension, it was approved:

But the most important thing has been to have the opportunity to discern how to serve better and which is the best way to do it in an effective and efficient way, from an evangelical point of view. We would like to express our gratitude for the generosity of so many people who have participated both in the assembly and in the truly participatory work process throughout this time (in the local communities, in the apostolic teams, in the territorial councils and, in a special way, the driving force that has led it).

It is now time to continue deepening our way of being Ignatian persons and to continue promoting processes of communal apostolic discernment to seek and find the will of God and discover how to respond to his call.

Eduardo Escobés

President CLC-E

We share a video summary of the assembly and homily of the sending Eucharist.

Extraordinary Assembly Summary

Homily Seve Extraordinary Assembly


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